The Resurrection of the Drive-In Theater.

Do you remember going to the Drive-In theater with your entire family as a child, and watching a double feature in the luxury of your station wagon? Those were the days when you could pile in all the kids in the back of the car, and only get charged for two people.

During this COVID pandemic, parents across the U.S. are tired of being cooped up with their rambunctious kids for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They’re desperately looking for a family outing.

Well, fear not, the Drive-In theater has made a resurrection in American culture. Hundreds of pop-up Drive-In theaters are making a comeback, and they’re fulfilling that void that is desperately needed for families during this pandemic.

Here in Los Angeles area, numerous companies have creatively partnered together. For example, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena has partnered with Tribeca Enterprises, and they’re showing old movie classics. From Jaws to the Wizard of Oz, there’s something for the whole family.

In addition, Ontario International Airport has partnered with Street Food Cinema, and is offering a free Drive-in experience for families. Movie-goers are encouraged to bring canned or boxed food items that will be donated to a local food bank.

The Drive-In theater has been a god-send for families across the U.S. Not only are they an economical source of entertainment for the family, but they bring back nostalgic memories from our childhood.

Do you have fond memories of going to the Drive-In theater as a child? If so, what films do you remember watching? Comment below, and we can discuss all our crazy shenanigans we had as kids!


2 thoughts on “The Resurrection of the Drive-In Theater.

  1. I do have fond memories of drive-in movies with my family and with friends and on dates (I attended a high school dance that took place at a local drive-in). We actually have a drive-in theater located about 3 miles away that somehow has survived the decline of such theaters nationally. Not sure the film-watching is quite as good in drive-ins with distractions and without perhaps the sound quality and screen proximity that comes with modern theaters, but the memory-making is definitely enhanced.

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    • From my experience, the sound quality has improved. No longer are the days of the heavy speakers hanging from the frame of your door. They now give you an assigned radio channel to tune in.
      The experience is definitely memory-making!


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