5 Simple Tips For Capturing Family Memories On Your Smartphone

Do you find yourself ruining a picture by having your thumb in the image, or are you frustrated by not being able to capture decent pictures of your children?

Well, you’re not alone. Millions of parents across the globe find themselves in the same predicament.

With the advancement of technology, we all have access to a smartphone.  Whether it’s in our back pocket, or in our purse, we have access to tools that have the ability to capture amazing pictures of our loved ones.

As children grow like the weeds, parents find themselves scrambling to document those special moments in their children’s lives. 

 Here’s five simple tips that will help parents create lasting family photographs/videos:

1) Lighting

Being indoors can be a bit tricky. Therefore, find a room where there’s enough natural light. For example, have your children play by a window, and walk around the room where the light highlights their face.

Depending on whether you’re indoors or outdoors, always be aware of lighting.

To avoid shadows on your child(s) faces, the best lighting for outdoors is in the shade. Try to find enough shade underneath a tree or canopy.

2) Composition

In photography/video there’s a rule of thirds. 

Attempt to have your child(ren) placed on either the left or right of the screen. At all costs, DO NOT have them in the center of the frame (unless, it’s a group picture).

3) Get Down to Their Level

By sitting or bending down to their eye level, you’ll be able to capture a more meaningful story that is taking place.

4) Move Around

As I mentioned previously, moving around the room to find the best angle will give you more of a selection of angles to choose from. Each angle captures a different mood, lighting situation, and perceptive.

5) Have Fun!

So many parents force their children to sit and pose for a picture, and it’s one of the worst things you can do.

We all know kids can’t still for a minute, and they’re miserable when you force them to smile, and say “Cheese”. Pictures that are forced do not reflect the child’s personality, or the moment you’re trying to capture.

If you want memorable pictures, have fun and relax! 

Try this:

-Make sure your phone is fully charged.

-Find a room in your house that has good natural lighting (preferably by a window).

-Lay a blanket down with toys and books on the floor.

-Sit down on the floor with your child.

-Allow your child to play for a few minutes.

-Start asking them a few questions while they’re playing.

-Gently call their name, and “Snap” away with your smartphone!

When you capture your child(ren) in a genuine moment of play, or a parent reading a book, you will snatch those priceless memories you desire as a parent.

If you have any creative ways of capturing memories on your smartphone, or a funny story to share, we would love to hear from you! 


2 thoughts on “5 Simple Tips For Capturing Family Memories On Your Smartphone

  1. Not having your phone charge is the worst!!!… Couple years ago, I was in Paris for first time with my sister and some friends. When we got to the Eiffel Tower in the evening any of us had battery to take pictures and we had to ask someone to take pictures of us and send them through e-mail. WORST PICTURES EVER!! Today I laughed but that day was so frustrating.

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