‘Enola Holmes’,Netflix Movie: Plot, Cast, Trailer & Release Date

Enola Holmes Movie Poster

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once succinctly stated, “The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” 

In a world where we tend to overlook the obvious, the upcoming mystery adventure film “Enola Holmes”,  will soon be hitting our home TV screens via Netflix.

The Plot

Based on the Enola Holmes Mysteries series of books by author Nancy Springer, Enola Holmes, the film, sees the young heroine waking on her 16th birthday to find her mother has vanished. 

An assortment of gifts have been left behind, but there are no apparent clues to her whereabouts. Now in the care of her two older brothers, who want to ship her off to a finishing school, Enola escapes through London to find her mom.

The Trailer


What do you get when you cross Superman,  Eleven from Stranger Things, and the Red Queen from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland? 

Viola! You get, Enola Holmes.

The ensemble cast :

Henry Cavill ( Sherlock Holmes), Millie Bobby Brown (Enola), Helen Boham Carter (Enola’s mother, Eudoria Holmes), and Sam Clafin (Mycroft).

Release Date

Prior to the full trailer release on August 25th.  Netflix released a cryptic teaser trailer on August 17th, with the caption: “alone loshme reeebtpms wnettyrhitd”

Each word in the caption is an anagram, which when solved, reads: “Enola Holmes September Twenty third”. 

My Thoughts

After viewing the trailer, the film looks promising. Who doesn’t like a film with mystery, intrigue, action-adventure, comedy, and a strong female driven plot? 

Will you be watching Enola Holmes on September 23rd on Netflix, or will you be skipping the film?

The game is afoot.”~ Sherlock Holmes


2 thoughts on “‘Enola Holmes’,Netflix Movie: Plot, Cast, Trailer & Release Date

  1. So excited for that one! Millie Bobby Brown is always great, specially in Stranger Things and Sam Claflin was great in the latest season of Peaky Blinders, I think he’ll be a great Mycroft. Can’t wait to see their take on this one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m excited as well! I have high hopes for this film.

      The talented cast and character development shines through the trailer. I especially appreciate Netflix embracing/promoting the story line of a young, talented, witty, and adventurous teenager who doesn’t fit the confines of society.


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