5 Things You Don’t Remember From Your Favorite Childhood Movie.

As someone who grew up in the 80’s, I have a plethora of favorite films from that era that bring fond childhood memories. 

I vividly remember exactly who, what, when, and where I first saw the movie. Whenever, I see a movie trailer or poster relating to my childhood, nostalgic memories come rushing in like a flood.

So naturally, when I became a parent, I was excited to share these classic films with my two daughters. 

There was one big problem: I completely forgot about the excessive foul language, sexual promiscuity, sexual innuendos, lack of parental supervision, and the neighborhood kids were latch-key kids. 

1) Excessive Foul Language

When I was a child in the 80’s and watching films with my siblings, I don’t recall movies having such excessive foul language. Perhaps, my memory has failed me in my old age. I don’t know. 

Now as an adult watching these films, I catch every little detail. For example, when I watched “Goonies” with my two daughters, and they were surprised with the inappropriate language. One of my daughters, turned to me, and said…”I can’t believe you watched this movie when you were a kid!”

2) Sexual Promiscuity

Films such as “Grease” and “Pretty and Pink” show an excessive amount of sexual promiscuity in their scenes. I understand we’re dealing with teenage storylines, and their raging hormones. However, it was quite progressive at that time to visually display that on the big screen.

3) Sexual Innuendos

For example, films such as “Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles” are sprinkled with sexual innuendos in their dialogue.

 4) & 5) Lack of Adult Supervision and Latch-Key Kids.

Have you ever noticed in 80’s films how they portray parents as being absent? Or how all the neighborhood kids were latch-key kids? 

I find it interesting how storytellers decided to focus on relationships of that era: neighborhood friendships/adventures, drama at school, and romantic relationships.

I’m aware storylines reflected the culture at the time. Children had more freedom to play, ride bikes, go to the mall, or go on adventures with their neighborhood friends. The absence of technology is a result of kids and teenagers being creative, active, and physically interacting with their friends. 

In closing, I believe the majority of us do not remember particular details (the language, sexual promiscuity/innuendos, and lack of adult supervision) to our favorite childhood movie because we were too excited to watch the actual film itself. The sheer excitement of going to the movie theater on opening day with a group of friends was exhilarating in itself, and perhaps overshadowed the negative content. 

What was your favorite movie as a child? Have you re-watched it as an adult, and have a different viewpoint as you did as a child?


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